Haggle History

I used to work in various genres of corporate America. One day I realized I wasn't capitalizing on most of my skills. How does somebody remedy that? I didn't have the capital necessary to start my own business. And even if I did, I still wouldn't capitalize on all my skills. I know what you are thinking, how many talents can one person have? The answer is many, my mother worked for the Pacific Bell Telephone Company for well over twenty five years. But she was also an accomplish pianist. Today in retirement she teaches young kids in the state of Texas how to play the piano. But that talent to teach went unused for years. What does someone do? Ask yourself a question, what if you could get paid for all of your skills and be compensated for those talents separate from one another. Wouldn't that be better mouse trap? The ability to generate additional income outside of your regular job. In a nutshell, that's Hagglejob. It goes both ways, get paid for the skills you have, hire the help you need.

Ever walked into a flea market and haggled over the prices? The sport and fun of the flea market is finding something you need at a reasonable price. However, another thrill is getting a bargain on that item you wanted or needed through your persuasive powers in negotiating price. Imagine an environment where haggling for a better price is encouraged!

The creator of Hagglejob.com truly enjoys haggling over prices in various venues. However, the idea formed into reality when one of the creator's friends needed a landscaper. Unfortunately, contractors tend to have "flexible" pricing when confronted with a customer in need. The prices can also dramatically escalate based upon location, house size, and assumptions of the client's net worth. The work being offered is exactly the same; however, the person in a better location is inevitably going to have a higher price point. The creator's friend discovered this issue when searching for a landscaper. Upon arrival, the landscapers only saw a 15,000 square foot home and the homeowner only saw dollar signs in the landscaper's eyes.

Hagglejob.com provides a non-biased interface for both sides of the equation - the seeker and seeking. Hagglejob.com gives buyers a chance to post the workload without the "assessment" of what the person can afford. The friend could have simply downloaded pictures of the specific areas needing landscaping and waited for the bids to roll in. With hagglejob.com, the parties can use iPhones, Androids, or any form of electronic communications to have multiple bids without anyone even meeting. The site connects those looking for work with those needing services. Yes, even those seeking a place to showcase their talents can also benefit from hagglejob.com. Imagine a one-stop shop to find a potential list of employers seeking your services and skill?

Hagglejob.com - Get paid for the skills you have. Hire the help you need.

- Russell Meyers, Founder and CEO of HaggleJob.com