russell meyersRussell D. Meyers, Jr. is the founder and CEO of He spent many years of his life formulating, strategizing and planning how to revolutionize the current paradigm of the job seeking market. Through Russell’s leadership and vision the creation of has successfully removed the middleman from the process of interpersonal contractual relationships.

Russell is a master of the employment market and a born recruiter with the ability to discern the true needs of his clients. Russell has worked in this capacity for several Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders such as First Nationwide Bank, Solar City, and Adecco, Inc. He has a long and consistent track record of leading very efficient departments, increasing market share and profitability while reducing costs and enhancing business operations. His keen business acumen, commercial abilities, and proven decision making skills have consistently and profoundly made an immediate impact on the bottom line.

During a long and successful career in the sales and recruitment sectors, Russell has achieved the vast majority of the goals that he has set for himself, and is now determined to build into a position of industry dominance – all the while helping people change the way they seek help forever.

Russell Meyers is a proud father first and internet entrepreneur second. Raised in the heart of Sacramento, California, it has always been his belief that he was designed to live a life of meaning and significance rather than just a life of existence. While studying at Stillman College, Russell co-founded an organization called Sophistication Unlimited, which is alive and well today. It was during his time in college that he discovered his knack for sales and an uncanny ability to orchestrate projects and deliver a finished product to live audiences. After a string of successes during his college tenure, he began to envision creating something from just a simple idea. After college, Russell worked in several genres of corporate America and experienced both disappointments and triumphs. The fire of one day creating something that would help people has remained consistent within him for over twenty years, and continues to fuel his passions daily.

richard boothRichard Booth is the founding Programmer for He took Russell’s visionary genius and made the dream of a manifested reality. Richard developed and launched the strategic and technical path for the future of platform growth and continues to work tirelessly with the Executive and Marketing team to ensure the smooth operation of technology. Richard’s calm demeanor coupled with technical acumen provides leadership to department heads in a fashion that supports the Company’s Culture, Mission, and Values.

Richard brings with him over eleven years of web design, engineering and programming in many languages including PHP, MYSQL,, HTML, JAVA, and CSS. His knowledge of current technological advances is pertinent to relational database and computer system programming. He has hands-on experience with the entire software development lifecycle, i.e. requirements, design, implementation, integration, testing development, and post production support. Rich possesses excellent web content writing skills, the ability to incorporate SEO best practices, exceptional understanding of website development, and responsive design.

Richard has prior experience successfully integrating applications by designing database architecture and server scripting; studying and establishing connectivity with network systems and information servers, site objectives by analyzing user requirements, envisioning system features, and functionality. He has designed and developed user interfaces by setting expectations and feature priorities throughout the development life cycle; determining design methodologies and tool sets; completing programming using languages and software products; designing and conducting tests. On a personal note, Richard is also a licensed helicopter pilot, motorcycle enthusiast, and says, “Overall, his is a kid at heart.” He enjoys having a good time and all that life has to offer. He is a proud Dad and especially enjoys sharing time and life’s adventures with his son.

david soltisDave Soltis brings to his engineering background of building businesses in both the real world and in the virtual world. He started his career in the construction industry; earning a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. Dave held construction positions across the country; from crunching numbers as an estimator, all the way to Vice President and General Manager of an award winning, national general contractor. It is the latter where he held general contracting licenses in both California and Nevada.

Dave is not new to startups. In the mid 1980’s, his decision to join a construction company shortly after its inception helped lead to its explosive growth from $100 thousand in local-only construction in its first year - to nationwide corporate sales of over $22 million with three offices in two western states in year five. This ranked them in the top 100s on Inc. Magazine's, Inc. 500 - America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Two years later revenues grew to over $32 million.

After leaving the corporate world, Dave’s interest was piqued when the internet first began emerging from the technology industry. He opted for something a little different than constructing buildings. Early on, his fascination with computerized multimedia led to his creation of an internet-based public information kiosk network; providing an extensive data-driven directory for promoting local businesses and services.

Instead of building businesses with “bricks and mortar,” Dave now builds businesses in the virtual world while operating a brick and mortar website building company. Over the last 20 years he has assisted hundreds of businesses with website development; integrating the internet into their daily operations, even growing their names into national brands, while also providing DIY training and workshops. Dave’s extensive business acumen, his engineering way of thinking, his creative approach, and his ability to turn a complete business blueprint, or merely a concept written on a napkin, into a successful, multidimensional, virtual business will help solidify and its website superstructure as it continues to grow.

eric rasboldEric Rasbold brings a long history of successful business operations to He has been involved in many different types of industries as a principal, partner, or managing director; with a reputation for bringing high level value and utility to stakeholders, shareholders, employees, and clients alike.

Eric’s philosophy of business operations centers on key principles of the Von Mises School of Economics, embracing freedom of association and private enterprise as key market variables, ceteris parabis. As the Chief Financial Officer of, Eric is dedicated to the most intensive and effective use of revenue pursuant to the value proposition of

After serving in the United States Air Force for seven years, Eric’s life has been deeply steeped in the technology and construction industries. As a Building Controls Engineer his experience spans the breadth of building projects from residential tract homes to a multitude of highly specialized commercial projects including hospital campuses, schools, prisons, and military facilities.

Eric is a proven business leader having owned and operated three successful construction companies in the State of California. Clients included the Department of Defense, Army Corps of Engineers, and the State of California Department of Corrections, Mercy Hospital Systems, as well as numerous school districts throughout Northern California. Most recently, as the Responsible Managing Employee and key player since its conception, Eric has been integrally involved in Sunfinity Solar. This company is now a well footed comer in the residential and commercial solar power industry. The concern has grown to over 100 employees, opened several offices in the State of California, and boasts an eight-figure top line.

Eric also believes in fostering growth within the community and volunteers his time to the same. He has served as both President and Treasurer of the GFORCE Charity, a non-profit corporation that raises money for needy families and underfunded schools throughout the western slopes of the Sierra Nevada’s. Eric lives in the high mountains of Sierra Nevada Mountain Range with his wife of 20 years and their six children. In his free time he enjoys spending quality time with his family, camping, sailing, and gold mining. He is also an avid investor and day trader.

bryan huckellBryan E. Huckell brings a lengthy history of demonstrated executive level Financial and Marketing experience to As Chief Marketing Officer, Bryan is responsible for overseeing the Company’s planning, development, and execution of all marketing and advertising initiatives. His function provides for the generation of revenue by increasing sales through successful marketing for the entire organization, using market research, pricing, product marketing, marketing communications, advertising and public relations, with an expanded role including sales management, new business development, distribution channel management, and customer service to insure the Company’s long term success.

Bryan started his career at Dean Witter Reynolds as an aspiring Stockbroker; later joining EVEREN Securities, formerly Kemper/Zurich, with certifications including Series 7 SEC Registered Securities Trading License, Series 6 (mutual funds and various insurance products), Series 63 (California State Securities registration), and Life Agent Insurance License. Bryan was an essential and indispensable component in the launching and long term vitality of two highly successful real estate companies in the Northern California Bay Area; Pacific West Homes as well as Town & Country Real Estate & Development. In recent years, Bryan has devoted his talents to the Sales and Marketing components of services and products in complementary industries, providing him with the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in a multitude of organizational structures.

Bryan is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, CA with a Bachelor’s of Science in Agribusiness with a concentration in Marketing. While attending Cal Poly, Bryan served as Vice President for Tau Kappa Epsilon, and is a founding member of Alpha Phi Omega; a community service based co-ed fraternal organization. Bryan enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, close friends, and family.

jerrad wallsJerrad Walls works as the Social Media Marketing Director for Jerrad provides imperative support to the marketing department through building and executing social media strategy by delivering competitive and audience research, generating and sharing content daily that builds meaningful connections, as well as setting up and optimizing Company pages within each social media platform to attract and interact with targeted virtual communities and networks users. Jerrad also interacts personally with labor buyers to achieve superior customer engagement and intimacy, website traffic and revenue by strategically exploiting all aspects of the social media marketing roadmap. Born and raised in San Jose, California, life brought Jerrad to Sacramento through an athletic scholarship to run Track and Field at California State University Sacramento.

Jerrad graduated in 2010 with a double major, earning a B.S. in Business Administration and B.A. in Organizational Communication. He then went on to earn his MBA from Strayer University, an accredited online University based in Washington D.C. Over the past seven years, Jerrad has successfully worked with national firms, specializing in product placement in emerging markets, and introducing cutting edge technology to the marketplace and consumers alike.

colby barrettColby Barrett was born and raised in Sacramento and became a young entrepreneur who started his own photography/videography business in 2011. Striving for success, he continues to grow his business and his skills in the art of photo and video production taking his talent to the next level. In 2016 he received his first Utility Patent for a CB Gear product he created as well as graduating from Drone University USA with his SUAV pilot’s license. He loves to travel, experience different cultures, meet new people and build things with his hands as a DIY kind of guy.

Colby Barrett is the Chief Content Officer for and is responsible for the digital media creation and multi-channel publication of the organization’s content (text, video, audio, animation, etc.). He oversees all the content related activities and coordinates them through collaboration with different departments and ensures smooth content operations. Colby works closely with the Company's Executive Officer on all creative and branding initiatives, to ensure a consistent message across all channels. He is in charge of integrating content activities such as blogging, social media, guides, eBooks, press releases, etc., within traditional marketing campaigns, as well as mapping out content strategies that support and extend marketing initiatives, both short and long term.

katherine orrKatherine Orr is the Company's Human Resource Director and responsible for the development of HR strategies and the delivery of HR services and programs necessary for the strategic management of human capital here at She brings over 25 years of diverse experience providing guidance and leadership to senior management in startup, growth seeking, and stable organizations. Her broad experience includes development of HR processes, policies, procedures, talent acquisition, performance management, leadership development, training, employee relations, compliance, benefits administration, and compensation. She has experience in a number of industries including; manufacturing, sales and distribution, technology, real estate and financial services. Prior to joining the Company, Katherine's employment history included Human Resource and Operations Management positions in Silicon Valley with Bank of America, Yamaichi Electronics, U.S.A. Inc., ISG Broadband Inc., The Mili Group, Inc., and CC Integration, Inc.

Katherine has consistently been the "go to" resource and key individual responsible for evaluating and implementing company-wide performance review systems, policy and procedure development, process improvements, and training of managers and staff in best practice solutions and/or methodology. She has experience creating talent management programs that included career pathing and succession planning, as well as effective performance and/or improvement coaching and counseling. She is effective at; helping to plan for and forecast future staffing needs, managing projects and change, as well as overseeing employee relations. In addition, Katherine is proficient at analyzing, creating, and implementing HR productivity-inducing practices and procedures - ensuring alignment with key business initiatives which support a company's profitability goals and objectives.

On a personal note, Katherine considers herself to be somewhat of a self-improvement junkie and a lifelong student. When pressed, she would say her mission is to help others discover their own internal greatness and divine potential. She believes everyone is "unique and special," and as such, her joy and satisfaction comes from encouraging and uplifting others as they navigate the process of becoming their own best version of self.