To be discovered, you have to put yourself in the field of vision of those looking to discover.

Most people with a talent spend tremendous effort to attract the attention of important, influential contacts. Unfortunately, most of this effort never manifest into an opportunity to showcase their talent. However, social media is fast becoming an avenue to showcase talent without spending frivolous effort that nets zero results.

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Videos sell, words tell

Videos, pictures, and written works of art on HaggleJob puts you into the line of vision of those looking for talented people just like you. Below are some things to remember when building your profile on

  • Clear messaging. Talent scouts should not have to guess at what you offer. Make sure your videos, pictures, and wording are uniform in clearly defining your skill or talent.

  • Build something compelling. Encourage viewers to watch by creating interesting content. Remember attention span is limited to 8 seconds so the first few seconds are vital.

  • Be social. Connections upon connections is how you reach the sought-after term, Discovered. Think of media, chat rooms, and messaging as a web of connections at your fingertips. Use the tools available to build a networking framework to help you reach your goals.

  • Cater videos to your skill or talent. If you are funny, be funny. If you are artist, be artistic. Your videos should showcase who you are and what you do that clear demonstrates why you are unique and talented.