Hagglejob goes beyond traditional digital job boards.

With thousands of other job listings competing, traditional digital job boards fail in helping companies find their ideal candidates. Hagglejob goes beyond these limited digital job boards to make sure your ad is being seen by the right candidate. This feat is accomplished by offering a range of technological tools to find the people that fit your ideal employee profile.

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HaggleJob offers a range of Options for you.

With Hagglejob you can chat, network, and share resources with other members. By combining latest technology with networking capabilities, Hagglejob catapults your job opening into being more than just a description among a forest of other online descriptions. Below are some tips when promoting your job that can help you find and retain the best candidates.

Clever and Unique Approaches

  • Use videos to your advantage. Sharing a short promotional video helps potential candidates connect with your beliefs and values.

  • Go global. Many candidates are willing to relocate for their ideal job. Hagglejob gives you the ability to connect with people reaching far-beyond your current candidate pool.

  • Use technology to your advantage. Share podcasts, positive language, and logos to bring people together in both brand recognition and in building excitement around your job opportunity. A Youtube channel is a great way to connect with potential employees and even customers.

  • Be proactive. Target the kind of people you want to work with by reviewing profiles and reaching out through Hagglejob to find the people you seek. Various communication tools are available to help you find your ideal candidate.