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Recruiters are bombarded with traditional resumes. With HaggleJob, you stand out among the sea of paper by using technology to showcase your talents.

Once you sign up for membership you can create one or more resumes. Creating multiple resumes will allow you to submit specific information to potential employers. As a member, you will be able to follow other members and communicate privately between members. All of this will help you in your Job Search, putting you in control of who sees your resume and how your communication will progress with potential employers.

Get the attention you need to land the job you want. Get creative. Be unique. You are more than just a piece of paper. See below for some great tips when posting your resume on


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Effective Resume Tips:

  • Use Sans Serifs fonts like Arial because they are sleek, easy to read, and most importantly are scanner-friendly for electronic processing.

  • For easier reading, font size should range between 10.5 and 12 points.

  • Highlight what you accomplished and avoid general job descriptions. For example, “increased sales by 30%” is more effective than stating “duties included selling retail merchandise.”

  • Make sure skills are relevant to the job you are seeking. Hagglejob is perfect in showcasing talent because you can customize and use more than one resume.

  • Resumes, even video resumes, are highlights of your qualifications. Avoid rambling, just provide enough information to spark interest. A resume is not your autobiography!